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Lisa Custard, Space Queen, is an Ancient Artist (who has over 2000 pictures and counting of African Futurism Art based on African masks).  At 55 years of age and married 30 years "I'm still a child" she exclaims.  She was raised outside of New Orleans, so it is quite fitting this young at heart artist is at home in "New Orleans Square" the new up and coming art destination that is a part of Historic Las Vegas.  When her father died in a boating accident when she was 5 years old, this had a profound effect on her.  An instant connection to the spirit world was made.  Having great intuition as a child led to adults asking her for advice.  The many challenges she has faced and overcome, includes losing her eyesight as a child (but gaining Third Eye sight) and being hit on the freeway by an 18 wheeler truck as an adult has strengthened her belief in miracles.  Some of the most beautiful memories she recalls were in nature.  She has a museum collection of special stone and crystals from around the world travels.  With amazing friends like Henry from "World of Wonders" in Santa Monica, California, the collection is impressive.  She explains her reasoning for including several aliens in her gallery/museum home.  She believes in aliens and has witnessed the paranormal since she was a child she says.  The most significant event she is looking forward to is a trip to outer space with Discovery Channel.  Seeing the earth from space has been a long dream of hers, so far Russia's war with Ukraine has blocked that journey, but they can't stop her from the space travel meditations she loves.  "When we close our eyes and turn off the noise of the world with the use of singing bowls you travel within which is part of the universe".  Even though she has done reality shows like "The Big 4-0", "Dr. Drew's Lifechangers", and Jeff Probst's Show", she enjoyed dancing on the stage with Rick James and the music video with J-Lo the best.  Her son Dylan Leonte is a celebrity and CEO of an Esports team Raw Creations Gaming.  Just as she passed on her adventurous spirit to her son, she wants to give others a place to dream big out-of-this world dreams!  Don't leave the gallery without your bottle of crystallized Area 51 sand, promised to open a portal during meditation......if you are open to it.

Go visit Area 51 Zen Gallery where she offers sound baths with authentic Tibetan singing bowls (which have all 7 metals including meteorite), a way to cleanse negativity and open connections to all Chakras, the next best thing to space travel, is inner space travel.  She promotes love between the black, white, green, and every color in between.  Her 2000 pictures will be made into a video NFT.

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